Watch the five Astellia classes in combat and using mounts

Astellia classes

Barunson has just released five new short videos showing the five Astellia classes in a bit of combat and travelling in some pretty unique mounts. At less than a minute for each class, you can see them in action and it only reinforces our initial impression: Astellia looks a lot like a mix between TERA and Bless Online. There's the added bonus of the collectible card game element that allows you to summon creatures called Astell in battle.

Watch the videos below to see the five Astellia classes that will be available during the Korean closed beta, running from June 20 to June 25. The classes are Warrior, Rogue, Mage (clearly the Loli character of the bunch), Archer and Scholar.

Developer Barunson has revealed that a North American release for Astellia is planned for late 2018. However, it could be buy-to-play, even if the Korean version is free-to-play. It would seem like a mistake to us going for that business model (Astellia doesn't look unique enough), but we'll wait and see.

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