Fly in all of Arun with TERA’s Aces Wild expansion

We're only a day away from the launch of the new TERA expansion titled Aces Wild, and now we know all about it in detail. The last bit of info released concerned the new flying zones, which we know now that include all of Arun (more than 20 zones).

tera aces wild 1

The new cosmetic wardrobe was also revealed, a separate bonus storage for cosmetic items so that you don't have to mix them in the same place with the rest of your trinkets. It's 72 slots shared with all your characters in the server, but you can always unlock extra tabs of 72 slots with a Wardrobe Expansion item if you really love your TERA clothing.

tera aces wild 2

Aces Wild launches on July 7, 2016.


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