So close: Former Production Director at Epic Games would have canceled Fortnite

Epic Games director canceled Fortnite

Can you imagine a world without Fortnite? It would be a much better world / a miserable world without any reason to keep on going – choose your option.

But one thing we do know for sure: Rod Ferguson, former Production Director at Epic Games and currently overseeing the development of Gears 5 at The Coalition would have canceled Fortnite if he had stayed at Epic.

Dang, we were so close! Alas, it did not happen and while we would never know how it would go – parallel universes and all that still aren't a thing that we can check -, clearly it would be a terribly wrong decision, business-wise.

It's all due to some challenges at the time and how that game wouldn't be up to his standards. Remember that this was about Save the World, before all the Battle Royale craze that gave Fortnite its success. You can hear him talking about it in the video below, courtesy of Game Informer.

So, how bad do you want a time machine right now?


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