Own a fort in Torchlight Frontiers and unlock new powers

fort in Torchlight Frontiers

Forts are your personal space in the world of Torchlight Frontiers and this feature was just detailed in a new blog post by Echtra Games and Perfect World Entertainment.

While Forts in Torchlight Frontiers may sound like your usual housing in any other MMO, there are a few interesting tweaks to them. This is your base of operations and piece of the world that you can customize, both layout and decor, and you will return to it often. The Construction mode is accessible at any time and there are tons of decorative assets waiting for you to create a unique style. A Crafting and Storage feature is included where you can create your own objects.

fort in Torchlight Frontiers

Inside the Fort you will construct some buildings that give you access to Skills, Crafting, Storage, Relics, Mapworks, and so on. By upgrading these buildings you will unlock new skills and choices for your characters.

While adventuring through the world of Torchlight Frontiers you will find Forts from other players. It's a great opportunity to rest and see just how your friends' Forts will be able to help you out, especially through their advanced buildings.

A Fort in Torchlight Frontiers isn't just a vanity piece, it's a place that will affect your characters in a significant way. You can read more about Forts in the official blog post.

fort in Torchlight Frontiers

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