Fortnite enters open beta on January 23… in South Korea

Fortnite Battle Royale game

Just in case you completely forgot that Fortnite is actually a game where you co-op with some buddies to build forts and do some creature-bashing, here I am to remind you: Fortnite isn't Battle Royale only.

While Epic Games is enjoying massive success from its Fortnite Battle Royale game (which is free, by the way), the Fortnite base game featuring PvE is yet to release as free-to-play. That is going to happen tomorrow, January 23, in South Korea, although according to MMOCulture, the base game will have to be purchased when it officially launches, while the Battle Royale variant will remain free.

This is, of course, another step in Epic Games' push to defeat PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, something that is looking promising right now.

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