New Fortnite update brings replays and portable forts to the battle

Fortnite portable fort

Fortnite keeps on getting outlandish gadgets and some of then even feel like a late April Fool's joke, such as the new Port-a-Fort. It would be a shame because this is really cool and will give your enemies the chills.

The Port-a-Fort is just one of the several introductions brought with the v3.5 patch. There is also the updated 50v50 Limited Time Mode, and the Survive the Storm even is back. Four new cyberpunk heroes are introduced, as well as neon weapons.

But the highlight is – according to Epic Games, but I'm sure you'll agree – the new Replay system. Now, you can capture your most remarkable moments and use a bunch of cinematic settings to make it look truly special. There was something like this in Paragon and it provided some amazing highlights, so you can expect a high quality feature. Epic also promises opportunities to win some prizes with the Replay system “very soon”, so start practicing.

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