Fortnite is now eating all of PUBG’s chicken dinners

fortnite Horde Bash event

If you still had any doubts over Fortnite's success, then this should dispel them: Fortnite is now way bigger than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, thanks to a great February.

We already mentioned the fact that Fortnite is getting bigger and bigger a few weeks ago, becoming the most streamed game on Twitch. But now, according to new info from SuperData, this is clear as water.

While PUBG has sold over 30 million digital copies across PC and Xbox One through January 2018, this isn't enough to top Epic Games' Fornite, thanks to the success of Fortnite Battle Royale. During the last week of February, Fortnite had 14.0 million unique viewers on Twitch compared to 8.7 million for PUBG, with the total revenue during February on PC and console was respectively $126M versus $103M.

Still according to SuperData, Fortnite's success is due to its accessibility, being free-to-play (at least the Battle Royale mode, as the PvE mode is yet to become free as announced). They continue by saying that “Fortnite also has an easier learning curve and is more kid friendly thanks to its cartoonish looks”. This is very debatable, but Fortnite is definitely easier to learn than PUBG's more realistic gameplay.

I'm betting that Fortnite Battle Royale still has a lot to grow during 2018, even with strong competition coming from Paladins Battlegrounds or Mavericks: Proving Grounds.

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