Fractured Space ends early access, official launch this week

Fractured Space is entering maintenance mode

Fractured Space will finally leave early access and officially launch this week, Edge Case Games has announced. This update marks the beginning of Phase 1 and introduces many features, so many that we're scared of actually listing all of them. In fact, we won't, and we'll just tell you some of the highlights.

Additional Training Modes have been added, as well as AI Captains to support you while learning the basics of this space MOBA. The Custom Match Lobbies now have two player slots specifically for Spectators. There are new HUD elements and a death screen with plenty on information on who destroyed you, their crew, assists and more. The new ship Zarek Paragon enters the battle, and there's been quite some art fixes and improvements.

This is just a small taste of the improvements to Fractured Space, so stay tuned for the official launch and the full patch notes on the official website.


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