Fractured Space goes free-to-play with massive update

Wargaming acquires Fractured Space developer

Fractured Space, the team-based space combat game from Edge Case Games has made the jump to free-to-play after quite some time in early access, since November 2014 to be precise. With the full launch planned for later this year, Fractured Space will now welcome a lot more players and they're going to discover some new things with the latest update. This will add two new sector maps, two new ships, several gameplay improvements such as game balancing and a drop system, twenty additional crew members (taking the total to 40), and a Fly Before You Buy Ship Testing Feature which will ensure that you pick the right ship for you after testing it.

Here is the new trailer to celebrate the jump to free-to-play.

Jump In from Fractured Space on Vimeo.


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