FRAG gameplay revealed, closed beta begins May 19

The first gameplay trailer for the upcoming shooter – or anti-shooter – FRAG is out there. This is a pilot project created by a small team within Allods Team, makers of Allods Online and Skyforge, and tries to make something different with the shooter genre. The big twist is that in F.R.A.G. you can't kill an enemy with an accurate shot, you have to plan some strategies with your teammates to take down the enemy's shield and ultimately kill him. There's apparently something out of the ordinary going on with the character development, but we're yet to see what it is.

The Russian FRAG closed beta begins May 19, 2016, so if you're Russian or understand your way around the language, sign up at the official website.

Judging by the trailer, would you say FRAG offers anything different from other shooters?

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