Get Black Desert free by playing the new Shadow Arena mode

Black Desert Online anniversary Shadow Arena

Black Desert Online is celebrating its third anniversary in the west. Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have announced some in-game events to mark the occasion and have also released the new Shadow Arena mode.

Shadow Arena has just exited Early Access today and is Black Desert's take on the popular Battle Royale genre. Supporting up to 50 players per match, this mode brings some originality in the fact that you don't pick a class at the beginning – instead, as a black spirit, you roam the land in search of a class to possess.

You can try the Shadow Arena mode for free via between February 27 and March 13 (the Steam version isn't included in this promotion). But the best news of all is that you get to keep Black Desert Online for free, forever, if you are skilled enough.

How so? By slaying at least five players during the event duration you get the game absolutely free of charge ($9.99/€9.99 value). So hurry up and get slaying!

I have tried Shadow Arena and found out that it is an accomplished and fun take on Battle Royale. Our impressions will be coming soon.


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