Free Game Alert: Get acclaimed puzzle game The Witness from Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store Free Witness

Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event

“Oh, but Epic Games Store, it sux!111”

Oh, just stop whining! Do you like quality free games or not? If you're not a hater, then you should definitely go and grab The Witness, the latest free game available on the Epic Games Store. From today, April 4 until April 18, you can get Thekla's amazing first-person adventure puzzler for no charge and get to keep it forever.

Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event

The Witness is Jonathan Blow's acclaimed follow-up to the indie hit Braid. It was released in 2016 and includes hundreds of puzzles.

Previously, the Epic Games Store offered the chilling and quite frankly engrossing side-scrolling adventure game Oxenfree. The next free game is Supergiant's stunning action RPG Transistor, which you can grab from April 18 to May 2.

Great free games, eh? “Screw that, I don't want another launcher.” 

Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event


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