Free Game Alert: Get acclaimed puzzle game The Witness from Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store Free Witness

“Oh, but Epic Games Store, it sux!111”

Oh, just stop whining! Do you like quality free games or not? If you're not a hater, then you should definitely go and grab The Witness, the latest free game available on the Epic Games Store. From today, April 4 until April 18, you can get Thekla's amazing first-person adventure puzzler for no charge and get to keep it forever.

The Witness is Jonathan Blow's acclaimed follow-up to the indie hit Braid. It was released in 2016 and includes hundreds of puzzles.

Previously, the Epic Games Store offered the chilling and quite frankly engrossing side-scrolling adventure game Oxenfree. The next free game is Supergiant's stunning action RPG Transistor, which you can grab from April 18 to May 2.

Great free games, eh? “Screw that, I don't want another launcher.” 


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