Free-to-play action RPG Dauntless launches today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with cross-play

free-to-play action RPG Dauntless

Phoenix Labs kept its promise of releasing Dauntless today. May 21, 2019 is the date when this free-to-play action RPG with Monster Hunter vibes is officially unleashed into the wild on PC (via Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What's best, Dauntless truly is a unified game, as the “One Dauntless” concept comes to life. Dauntless players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will be able to participate in true cross-play, cross-platform and cross-progression matches. This means that you can play with Dauntless gamers on other platforms, but also take your progress to your platform of choice.

Obviously, the new Dauntless may require some fiddling if you have been a player since the open beta. So, to avoid losing your progress you should take a look at the account linking guide.

The Dauntless official launch comes with the release of Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades. This ninja-themed pass transforms Dauntless for the Moon Blossom Festival and brings 50 levels of content and rewards across both the basic and Elite tracks.

Dauntless recently received the Path of the Slayer update. This update brings the Mastery system which allows for a more in-depth customization through the use of dozens of cards. The core gameplay experience was also revamped and a new End of Hunt screen provides more detailed statistics.

The dye system is seeing a significant rework. Some dyes will be gone for good, as Phoenix Labs replaces them with thirteen sets of curated dye trios.

Now we'll see if Phoenix Labs was right in its assumption that the Dauntless release on the Epic Games Store and consoles is going to triple the player base. Nintendo Switch and mobile versions are also planned but probably a long way off, with work on the Switch version starting right about now, “after we wrap up our work on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

You can always keep tabs on the Dauntless roadmap to see if anything interesting is coming soon.


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