Free weekend and new Hyper Bruce Lee… err… Liu coming to Hyper Universe

Hyper Universe Liu

Hyper Universe is about to get a new Hyper this Thursday. Commonly known as Bruce Lee apart from the name, Liu is this martial artist character of the assassin class. He is also a big fan of Nunchucks.

Nexon has also announced another upcoming free weekend starting on November 16 and ending on November 21 for players that download the game through the Nexon launcher. More details about Liu and the free weekend will be coming this Thursday.

A new Vlog was released to announce these updates, where Predictable and Disrespect 101 tease Liu and, first and foremost, give players some important tips about not sucking on Hyper Universe. The video is less than three minutes and it's quite funny, so I recommend you give it a look. I know I enjoyed it.

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