Full Genshin Impact map leak ahead of update 1.2 release

Full Genshin Impact map leak

We're not the biggest fans of leaks, but sometimes it's impossible to resist the temptation of discovering what's coming soon for our favorite games. One of those is Genshin Impact, the incredibly addictive anime action RPG from miHoYo. Let us say right away that we have found about this on YouTube from one of several users who have been posting information about the upcoming content for the game. Hence, we're just reporting on the leak because we're excited about it. So, if you don't want to take a glance at the full Genshin Impact map leak, you should stop reading right away and close the page. Otherwise, continue reading and you'll find out a rough outline of the entire world of Teyvat, including regions that could be one or two years away from release.

Full Genshin Impact Map Leak | Five Additional Elements

Full Genshin Impact map leak

The map that you can see above was revealed by YouTuber Ryeizhen Einzward in this video. It's the same video that also mentions Albedo, another upcoming character. In one of our guides you could already learn about the seven cities and elements in Genshin Impact, but it's exciting to see a draft showing how everything will look in the final version.

However, these are early days and nothing is confirmed – miHoYo may be doing some changes to the map above, and we're assuming that it has leaked from an official source and is not just a mock-up created by an eager fan. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Let's assume that this is the actual outline of the map. Apart from the cities of Mondstadt and Liyue, we can spot the locations of the other five cities: Inazuma (Electro), Sumeru (Dendro), Fontaine (Hydro), Snezhnaya (Cryo), and Natlan (Pyro).

Update 1.2 is adding the Dragonspine area (known in China as Longji Snow Mountain), and it's clear by looking at the map that it isn't part of a new city. There was speculation that this region could be a part of Snezhnaya, but it doesn't look like it. In fact, Sumeru is likely going to be the next city coming after Liyue Harbor.

There are other interesting details to find out in the map. For example, a few locations seem to be related to Beidou, the playable Captain of the Crux Fleet. Besides featuring a unique style, the cities have some distinctive touches to them that promise to be extremely beautiful – Natlan has a volcano, while Fontaine is a waterfall city.

We'll have to wait a couple of years or more to see if this map turns out to be real, but this sounds very exciting. Furthermore, it's another proof that the thrills and dozens – for some, hundreds – of hours that we've already spent on Genshin Impact are nothing but the tip of the iceberg.

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