Game hacks are now illegal in South Korea, unless you like doing jail time

Peria Chronicles beta

If you like doing a bit of cheating, then first of all, you suck. Second of all, if you live in South Korea and you manufacture or distribute game hacks such as aimbotters, scripters and other kind of hacking programs, you could be in for a bit of jail time or a hefty fine.

According to PvPLive, the South Korean parliament has passed an amendment to a law on promoting the gaming industry, saying that those who manufacture or distribute programs that are not allowed by the game company and its Terms of Service are performing illegal actions that could be punished with a maximum of five years jail time or $43,000 in fines (50 million KRW).

You should know by now how every MMORPG or online shooter usually has thousands of player bans at a time, so games like Overwatch or Black Desert Online could really do with this new law.

Of course, having these laws and enforcing them are completely different matters, so unless we see a stream of news going “Korean hackers go to jail for five years”, it's hard to believe it's actually changing anything in the online game scene.

Do you think this law will actually do some good?

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