Game of Thrones Winter is Coming launches worldwide, CGI trailer is jaw-dropping

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming launch

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming has officially launched worldwide today. Yoozoo's PC real-time strategy game enjoyed a short period of beta testing and is now open to everyone in English, with further languages to follow.

The launch announcement was accompanied with a new CGI trailer featuring some of the stars from the HBO hit TV show. Words are not enough to describe the quality of the CGI, with characters that look lifelike, almost indistinguishable from the real-life counterparts.

Watch a Tyrion lost in thought and probably missing a glass of wine, as Daenerys arrogantly commands her dragon and foot soldiers; rejoice as Jon Snow (probably the character that looks the least like the actor) and Sansa Stark prepare for battle; gasp as evil Cersei grins and Jamie Lannister considers his life choices and the lack of his right hand. 

My description may or may not be faithful to the trailer, so you'd better watch it below to clear any doubts. You can play Game of Thrones Winter is Coming for free right now.


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