No, really? Gameforge delays SoulWorker open beta into 2018

SoulWorker open beta delayed

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

And the ‘Least surprising news of 2017 award' goes to… Gameforge! The German studio has finally given in and admitted that SoulWorker isn't going to enter open beta in North America and Europe in 2017, as it was expected to happen.

In a Facebook post, Gameforge stated that SoulWorker Online's western open beta is going to be delayed into Q1 2018. The team justified this delay with the need to “invest more time and money to make SoulWorker an even better game than rushing it out of the door in a less than perfect state.”

Well, I can't be mad at them, considering that I'm sick and tired of getting rushed games that shut down in less than a year. Let's hope that the open beta turns out to be really polished and worth all the extra time and player hype. Just make it count, guys.

Here is the post in full.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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