Gameforge: SoulWorker publisher quits mobile gaming, focuses on PC

Soulworker Online mobile

While the overrated mobile gaming bubble is still far from bursting, some developers are already leaving it and looking elsewhere. First it was World of Tanks publisher Wargaming closing 64-person mobile-focused office WG Cells last August in the US, and now it's the big German publisher Gameforge that is completely quitting mobile development. Speaking to MediaBiz, Gameforge CEO Alexander Rösner said that mobile development wasn't as lucrative or successful as the company had hoped for.

Gameforge employed around 450 staff and this decision led to about 90 employees, a fifth of the studio, being laid-off. This is called “the most important restructuring of the company's history.” Gameforge is now going to fully focus on the PC market, citing “interesting opportunities” versus a much harder mobile market.

This probably means that Gameforge is going to look for more free-to-play games to publish in the near future. Currently working on bringing the stunning anime action RPG SoulWorker Online to North America and Europe (read our exclusive Soul Worker interview to know what's going on), Gameforge is the publisher of successful F2P games such as TERA, Aion, Orcs Must Die Unchained and more.

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