Gamers in China can get adult game Mirror for free to stay safe from the coronavirus

free adult game Mirror

This is probably one of the most difficult headlines that I've had to write in quite some time. How can you possibly relate the adult game Mirror with the coronavirus outbreak without sounding like you're stark raving mad?

But that is exactly what is happening right now with Mirror, one of the best Hentai games available on Steam. Nearly 32,000 players have contributed to the overwhelmingly positive review rating, and this is your chance to judge for yourself if the game is that good, … if you're a fan of the genre. However, this offer is only for players in mainland China, so everyone else still has to pay the whole $2 dollars that it costs. Besides, there's a promotion right now so the price is sitting at under a dollar. Quite cheap.

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Developer Kagami Works is worried with the coronavirus outbreak and wants to contribute to the solution. Therefore, it has come up with an ingenious idea to keep people safe at home. How? By giving 55,000 copies of Mirror for free to keep players company.

The devs also give everyone some tips to stay safe, which include avoiding going out, but if you really must, keep your mask on at all times. Wash your hands as many times as you can is another piece of advice, but the most relevant one is to “avoid getting physical contact with other people and stay away from the crowd.” This is where adult game Mirror comes in, as a replacement for physical contact. At least that's what I assume, but hey, I could be reading too much into this offer.

Only Chinese gamers can get this free Mirror copy, since a phone number is required to get the key. The giveaway link is here, and then it's just a matter of following the instructions and staying inside, safe from the coronavirus. If you enjoy an adult mix of visual novel, match 3, and dating sims, get the game until February 10, 2020.

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