Gearbox’s competitive shooter Battleborn is now free to play


Several months after the initial speculation, here it is: Gearbox's competitive shooter/MOBA Battleborn is now free to play in all its splendor, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gearbox has just made the announcement and detailed everything you need to know about this business model switch. The studio is calling this a “free trial” but the new Battleborn is pretty much everything that a free to play game usually is, with hero rotation (you get six heroes of the 30 in total), all game modes and maps and no progress or time limits.

The only thing that will be out of reach of free players is the Battleborn story mode, which you have to pay for, but as you know for sure, F2P shooters aren't exactly known for their campaigns, but for their competitive modes. Of course, you'll also have to pay for the usual content such as heroes, cosmetics, boosters, and a few more things.

As for those who already purchased the retail version of Battleborn, they have been awarded Founder Status. What this means is that they'll get a Founder title and Founders bonus content, including Legendary Gear, 1,000 Platinum, 50,000 Credits, Loot Packs and more, plus an exclusive “Founder’s Crown” Flair item.


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