Genshin Impact coming to Epic Games Store in June

Genshin Impact Epic Games Store

In a somewhat surprising twist, miHoYo has revealed that Genshin Impact is coming to the Epic Games Store during this month. It seems that Epic won the race against Valve for the rights to host this game in their digital storefront, and it may end up shattering the hopes of players who are expecting to see Genshin Impact on Steam.

Genshin Impact releases on the Epic Games Store on June 9, 2021, and the game page is already available. You can wishlist the game and there's a gift code waiting for those who decide to start exploring the world of Teyvat – use the redemption code “GenshinEpic” starting June 9 for a limited time and claim a free bonus bundle. Coincidentally or not, June 9 is the day when the Genshin Impact 1.6 update Midsummer Island Adventure lands.

Genshin Impact Epic Games Store

Travelers who are playing on PC, Android, and iOS can continue their journey on the Epic Games Store platform, and co-op play is supported between PlayStation, PC, Android, and iOS.

“When developing Genshin Impact, one of our main focuses has been to make the game available on a wide range of platforms so players can play alone or together with friends regardless of how they choose to play it,” said Forrest Liu, President of miHoYo. “The Epic Games Store is an expert in PC gaming, and we're privileged to work with Epic to bring Genshin Impact to a broader global gaming community.”

Now the only thing we need is the Genshin Impact Switch release date. Rumors have it that miHoYo could be facing some difficulties related to the console hardware, but there's nothing official on this matter. Still, we wouldn't give up hope.

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