Genshin Impact FAQ bares it all, from housing to weather system

Genshin Impact FAQ

The team at miHoYo knows how much questions you all have about Genshin Impact. Since they seem to be a bunch of nice guys with a specific taste for great games – Honkai Impact 3rd is testament to that – they have shed some light on some of the community's most pressing doubts via an official Genshin Impact FAQ.

A pet system and a mount system sound like a given in any open world game, but you should be reminded that Genshin Impact isn't an MMORPG. However, this is likely to happen – despite saying that the animals in Teyvat are used to freedom, the developers ask for “more time and we will see.”

A weather system is planned and is already in active development. Guilds are not being considered for now, but there is a housing system in the works. You can purchase or build your home in the game world, but this feature is going to take some time before being implemented – jokingly, the devs say that you have to “wait between 1 and 10,000 days for it to be ready.” So, judging by my calculations, the housing system will launch… in 27 years tops. If you're still alive by then, you can get your own cool home in Genshin Impact!

Achievements and a title system are in the plans, and map pins are being worked on. More co-op mini-games are planned, such as fishing and hide-and-seek.

Genshin Impact is a looker, as you surely know by now – the comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild didn't happen by accident. Thus, it only makes sense to include an in-game photo mode. Naturally, players are asking for more actions and poses to shoot, but I'm crossing my fingers hoping that Genshin Impact doesn't turn into Fortnite Battle Royale.

The weapon system will be improved with more types of weapons, and the elemental system is going to be a lot more sophisticated. A living and breathing world of Teyvat is also promised, with a more advanced ecological system and other architectural styles to make your jaw drop. You shouldn't expect exploring underwater though – while you can swim, there is no way that you'll go under to look for pirate treasure or whatever.

This Genshin Impact FAQ sums up most of the player's questions regarding Genshin Impact. Clearly, a lot of exciting features are planned, but right now I just want to know when the second closed beta is going to take place. The first Genshin Impact beta ended on June 26 and was only available on PC and iOS, but the next one will include Android devices as well. The official website is the place to sign up, but there's a questionnaire that you have to fill in first.

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