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Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune Guide

Five Flushes of Fortune is the name of the first new event coming to Genshin Impact with the 1.3 update All That Glitters. This time you have to use your photography skills to capture some snaps with a faulty gadget called Kurious Kamera. The twist is that you must look for items of specified colors, otherwise the picture won't work. Read our Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune guide to learn how this 10-day event unfolds and which items you should focus on.

How to Find Five Colors in Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune

Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune Guide

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The Five Flushes of Fortune quest reads the following:

“Ji Tong seems to be puzzling over a seemingly faulty Kamera. He had hoped it would lend a distinctive tone to his photos, but all it seems to produce is colorful nonsense… Help Ji Tong get to the bottom of the issue! Take this Kamera, photograph some distinctively colored scenes, obtain the colorful snaps, and give them to Ji Tong for a reward!”

So, your goal is to use your ten daily films to take your photo of the daily color (first day is red, so only red items can be photographed), and the remaining colors. You can only shoot one object once, so you have to keep looking around for other colors. The colors that you will need for this event are Pale Gold, Purple Aster, Crimson, Ocher, and Ultramarine.

Your first step is to meet Ji Tong in Liyue, something that you can easily achieve by teleporting to the waypoint nearby. After speaking to him and getting his camera, you are ready to go and capture your first snap, which is of red color. For this, you must first go to your inventory and in the gadgets section, equip the Kurious Kamera.

Start by going to the Statue of the Seven near the Dawn Winery. You can see a few Windwheel Asters, so take a few shots and you should get random colors. You can also look for apples nearby for more colors, as well as flaming flowers or carrots.

When you have at least one item of each color, return to Ji Tong and deliver the photographs by choosing Claim Fortune Trove. You'll get 60 Primogems, 120000 Mora, 24x Mystic enhancement ores, and 12x Hero's Wit for your trouble, and the best thing is that the surplus snaps will carry over for the next days, however, there's a limit of 50 photos in total. You can claim eight Fortune Troves during this 10-day event.

Day two is color blue and it must be a creature, so once again go to the Statue of the Seven near the Dawn Winery and you may spot a couple of Anemo Crystalflies floating around. These are perfect for a shot if you zoom in on each one. If that doesn't work out for you due to respawn times, a few more Crystalflies can be found near the huge tree in Windrise, close to the Statue of the Seven.

During day three you must shoot red creatures. This means pyro slimes or pyro hilichurls, so we have another good recommendation for you. Open up your adventure book and look up hilichurl enemies. Remember that you should photograph them before you are noticed, otherwise the shot will be harder to make.

Day four is blue item day. So, what's blue and grows everywhere in Teyvat, like a plague? Mint flowers, of course. This should be a no-brainer, but in case you feel lost in your travels, teleport to Stormbearer Point and there's mint around. Slightly to the north of the waypoint you can also find a blue crystal cache, more items that you can photograph.

On day five a yellow item is required. What could that be, you ask? What about Cor Lapis, the mineral that is very valuable for the ascension of characters such as Chongyun, Keqing, and Zhongli? There's a place that is very rich in Cor Lapis, and that is Mount Hulao. After teleporting, near the small lake there are many minerals around the trees, they aren't hard to find. You can also shoot berries, fruits that are very abundant in your travels.

Just remember to use your 10-picture film every day so that you have extra colors at the ready. We'll add the recommended locations for the remaining colors of this Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune guide as the event progresses.

Kurious Kamera Purple Aster Kurious Kamera Crimson Kurious Kamera Pale Gold Kurious Kamera Ultramarine Five Flushes of Fortune Ocher


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