Genshin Impact homeland system teased in Producer’s Letter, MMORPG question addressed

Genshin Impact homeland system

Hugh Tsai, Producer of Genshin Impact for miHoYo, has addressed players in an open letter. The post touches upon a couple of interesting topics such as the multiplayer nature of the game, the monetization system, the content length of the closed beta gameplay, and teases a new feature called homeland system. The Genshin Impact homeland system remains under wraps for now, but more details are promised for the near future.

One of the aspects that was already confirmed is the Genshin Impact business model. The monetization system should be the one used in the studio's previous action RPG, Honkai Impact 3rd, a game that is a colossal success and one that warrants no change of tactics. However, Tsai now says that the game will “eventually launch as a free-to-play game” and that he wants it to be “friendly and fair to players.”

Genshin Impact homeland system Fischl

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Since the announcement, Genshin Impact was advertised as an action RPG with a cooperative option. That is still valid today, with the possibility of playing in coop in a party up to four players. The question about it being an MMORPG or not continues up to this day, and Tsai replies with the following:

“I think the key difference in Genshin Impact is that the world belongs to YOU. You decide how you want to play—as a single player adventure you experience by yourself or one that you invite others to experience with you whenever you want.”

Nonetheless, this isn't an MMORPG. There are, in fact, key limitations to what a player can do when he joins other player's world, and you won't come upon other parties exploring Teyvat.

Additional player feedback on the closed beta mentions a lack of content after 50 hours of playing. The devs want to support the game for long, adding more content including new adventures, dungeons, multiplayer features, daily quests, and more. Furthermore, the beta only revealed two of the seven planned cities (Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor), which means that there's still a lot of ground to cover in the future.

As for the mysterious Genshin Impact homeland system, we can only speculate for now. It sounds like some sort of housing system, or even a player island system where you can build and decorate your home, inviting your friends for a visit. However, we'll return to this when we have official info.

With over 500 staff working on Genshin Impact and a very promising closed beta, miHoYo seems to be on track to scoring another hit. The Genshin Impact release date is set for late 2020 on PC, PS4, Switch, Android, and iOS.


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