Genshin Impact is adding more NPCs and improving combat special effects

Genshin Impact NPCs

Another day, another session of Genshin Impact questions and answers, courtesy of the usual host Paimon. Once again responding to players' inquiries, here is what is coming to the anime open world RPG, and what isn't.

More diverse RPGs is one of the requests. “Some young, some old, some fat, some skinny — not just beautiful people,” something that we entirely agree with. Developer miHoYo says that we are bound to get them, giving as examples “this beautiful NPC, this battle-worn NPC, or this fat NPC.”

Combat SFX is another area where players are finding something to criticize. Currently described as “blinding,” the character combat effects will be improved, being a key part of the visual optimization process. Finally, the descriptions of the cooking ingredients will be changed so that it is easier for players to find them in the wild.

Real-time voice communication is being considered for Genshin Impact, but you can forget about first-person view (sounds like a weird demand, but maybe it could turn out to offer an interesting perspective), or additional functions for Paimon. As for extra animations for actions such as opening/shutting doors or cooking, it's not entirely clear if the team will pick up on this.

Genshin Impact releases in 2020 for PC, PS4, Android, and iOS. The second closed beta should be starting soon, hopefully before the end of the year.

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