Genshin Impact is the Legend of Zelda-inspired RPG from Honkai Impact 3rd devs

Genshin Impact open world RPG Zelda

Genshin Impact is the next game from MiHoYo, the talented team of Otakus – as they describe themselves – that created the amazing free-to-play Honkai Impact 3rd anime game for mobile devices.

Suddenly, this turned into a studio to follow closely and the recent announcement of Genshin Impact proved that it was the right decision.

Genshin Impact is a stunning anime open world action RPG clearly inspired by the Legend of Zelda series, in particular Breath of the Wild. The footage that you'll see below is breathtaking, as the awesome Keanu Reeves would say.

The anime graphics of Genshin Impact are wondrous, with incredible environments and charming characters (there is a manga where you can learn a lot about this world), but that is just one part of the deal. The trailer will show you that this game is the real thing, with climbing, swimming, flying and a lot more – this is shaping up to be a true open world, not your usual small instances.

Combat, on the other hand, looks a lot like the one from KurtzPel, which is a plus. KOG's game has often been criticized for its focus on brawling, with many players requesting that its mechanics and visuals would be used in a full-fledged MMORPG. Apparently, Genshin Impact is going to be that game.

But there are more good news. Genshin Impact is in development for Android and iOS, but also for PC! The release date is planned for Spring 2020, English release included – the official website is live and you can (and should) sign up for the upcoming closed beta test on iOS and PC, which is scheduled for this month. If you're lucky you may be one of the 1,000 players in this first test.

But enough of words. Watch the impressive trailer and get this game on your top priority list right now.


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