Genshin Impact PlayStation 5 Developer Talk highlights improvements

Genshin Impact PlayStation 5

Just a few days are keeping players away from the new PlayStation 5 release of Genshin Impact, scheduled for April 28, 2021. The action RPG hit from miHoYo is coming to Sony's latest console in an improved version, and a new Developer's Talk video featuring Zhenzhong Yi, Technical Director of miHoYo, highlights the changes – technical and more – introduced to the game. 

Genshin Impact will take advantage of the PlayStation 5 in many regards, offering 4K resolution and enhanced textures to show the best of Teyvat. The developers created a new graphics library from scratch to increase the level of detail in the game. Loading times are faster with the use of a new file-loading system that makes the most of the PS5 SSD.

Interestingly enough, miHoYo decided to rework the popular region Qingyun Peak in Liyue, offering exclusive sights that will only be appreciated by PlayStation 5 owners – for now?

The team is also looking into adding support for the DualSense Controller's features, although they didn't provide any details on that.

Genshin Impact players who have been exploring Teyvat on PS4 will be able to continue their adventures on the new and improved PS5 release.


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