Genshin Impact PS4 release date revealed with a surprise twist

Genshin Impact PS4 release date

PlayStation 4 gamers won't have to wait long before they can get their hands on Genshin Impact. After the announcement that the anticipated open world action RPG would be available on PC and mobile on September 28, PS4 and Nintendo Switch players were left wondering when they would get to play it. Now we know… or at least for the Sony crowd – the Genshin Impact PS4 release date is the same as the aforementioned platforms: September 28, 2020.

Furthermore, PS4 players are in for some exclusive rewards, including the Sword of Descension and Wings of Descension. If you purchase the starter bundle, you earn even more rewards to get you started on Teyvat.

Genshin Impact PS4 release date

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“We will continue to listen to player feedback and further improve the PS4 version, constantly optimizing and stabilizing the game to upgrade its technical performance and bring players a better single- and multi-player experience,” said Zhenzhong Yi, technical director for Genshin Impact. “More features are in the development pipeline. A soon-to-come version will greatly enhance the rendering of characters, and the scenery will also be improved.”

You can watch miHoYo's interview below to learn how the team faced the challenge of releasing its first console title, the goal of making it cross-platform, and how it will improve the game on PS4 via future updates.

There is also a new video from the Chinese Genshin Impact version showcasing new characters including Mona, Qiqi, Keqing, and Sucrose – there is no shortage of waifus in this game, and with a costume system in the works, you'll be able to play around with some outfits.

Now all that is missing is the announcement of the Genshin Impact Switch release date. As of yet, it is planned for early 2021, but we'll keep an eye out for it.


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