Genshin Impact second closed beta test sign-ups open, date revealed

Genshin Impact second closed beta test

miHoYo has announced today that the Genshin Impact second closed beta test sign-ups are open. The highly anticipated open world anime online RPG will be once again playable soon.

To get that much desired Genshin Impact key, you just have to go to the official website and sign up. However, the beta key is not guaranteed and you have to answer a questionnaire to finish the process. Don't worry, it's nothing complicated, just 10 minutes to answer a few questions about your gaming tastes and time spent playing some games. It's a way to profile you and evaluate if you are the right person for this job – the job of beta testing Genshin Impact.

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The Genshin Impact beta test is vaguely scheduled for Q1 2020 and will be available on PC, Android, and iOS. No luck yet for players who were hoping for a Genshin Impact PS4 beta, or to give it a try on the recently announced Nintendo Switch release. The official Genshin Impact release date was just updated, and is now set for late 2020.

The initial closed beta revealed the City of Wind, Mondstadt. Now, players (known as travelers) will explore a new story, characters, and location in Liyue Harbor, the City of Rock. This is a place designed with eastern inspiration and the second city to be revealed out of the seven that are planned.

Liyue Harbor comes with some rich lore, which you can read below:

“Being the richest city of the seven nations, Liyue Harbor shines like jade in the east. Legend says that the God of Geo drove out the ancient sea monsters of this once barren land and taught its first inhabitants to smelt metals and ores. He then encouraged them to open trade with other cities. Thanks to the diligent efforts made by several generations, ships carrying wealth from all over the world converge in Liyue Harbor nowadays, making it the most prosperous port city in Teyvat.

Liyue Harbor can be seen after passing through Mt. Tianheng. From there, tightly clustered ships and flows of people could be mistaken for woven threads. Beyond the bustle of the docks, towards Feiyun Slope, many appealing pavilions and kiosks from a faraway time welcome visitors from everywhere. Hidden in the gardens of Yujing Terrace, the majestic Yuehai Pavilion towers over the city.”

Just to clear up some misconceptions about Genshin Impact, this isn't a single-player game. Although you can experience it solo and travel the world alone, you can join other players' games or let a few of them join yours. There are challenging dungeons to beat and you can do so in a party of up to four players.

We will surely know more about the upcoming Genshin Impact second closed beta test soon, in particular the exact starting date, but if you want to grab a Genshin Impact key, don't forget to sign up.

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