Genshin Impact will have secret areas that you can’t see in the map

Genshin Impact secret areas

Paimon is back to share more details about Genshin Impact and what the developers have in store. Secret areas are one of the things that you may look forward to.

The Genshin Impact secret areas won't be visible in the map. To find these secret areas you have to scour the land and look in the most unlikely places. MiHoYo mentions that Genshin Impact's first closed beta already featured one secret island that was off the grid, and only the most dedicated players could find it. More regions like this will be added to the game in the future.

During the first closed beta, chest rewards were comprised of basic items. However, Genshin Impact is going to feature better chest items.

And now for a couple of things that the dev team is considering. A tavern that serves mainly as a chatroom is one of the suggestions; shortcut keys are under consideration as well, as they could turn out to be convenient, but more buttons aren't always a welcome addition.

A monster album, or encyclopedia is something that no player would surely mind. However, the devs seem scared of the amount of creatures living in the world of Teyvat and are thinking about the idea.

Ideas about the co-op mode were also passed around, such as leaving messages for fun when you leave someone's world. MiHoYo says that there is so much being adjusted for co-op – a higher player count will hopefully be one of the things – that other ideas will just have to wait.

And wait we shall for the second closed beta, keeping an eye out for the  promised Genshin Impact secret areas. This time it will run on PC, Android and iOS, hopefully with a lot more invites than they had for the first one. The PlayStation 4 version seems to be a bit behind and has some catching up to do before entering beta testing.


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