Genshin Impact suggested features include instruments, costumes, mini-games and more

Genshin Impact suggested features

I don't know about you, but I'm always up for another round of Genshin Impact suggested features. MiHoYo seems to be particularly open to these sessions and ends up revealing some of its plans for the future of this anticipated online anime RPG.

The previous Genshin Impact sharing session covered many topics, from housing to weather effects and even a photo mode. Now, it's time to move on to other items.

This time, things are labeled under three categories: Under Consideration, In Planning and In the Works. These are self-explanatory, so let's see what's in store.

In the Works:

More Cultural Costumes – Players are asking for a more diverse style of costumes and this is going to happen. While Genshin Impact looks amazing, it's hard to deny that its looks are heavily rooted in classic Japanese anime trappings. Hopefully we'll get some costumes that represent other regions appropriately.

More Diverse NPCs – The suggestion is straightforward and logical: you want NPCs with more diverse appearances. The reply is clear as well: “Travelers can come to Teyvat in the future,” which hints at new non-player characters with more diverse looks.

In Planning:

Co-op Chess/Card Mini-Games – It's not a real RPG if you can't take a break for a round of GWENT… erm… I mean, some sort of in-game tabletop activity. Chess and card games are already planned, so you can expect them to make an appearance in Genshin Impact in the future.

Better Communication/Cooperation in Co-op Mode – While not an MMORPG, Genshin Impact allows you to play with a few friends. However, each player can control up to four characters, one at a time, switching between each one on-the-fly. This hurts player interaction and communication. The devs know this and are planning to “reduce the number of characters that can be controlled by each player in Co-op Mode.” Better communication and interaction with other players is also being planned.

More Ways to Obtain Books – Some players are requesting additional ways to obtain in-game books, so a more sophisticated book system will appear further down the road, although this task might take some time to finish.

Under Consideration:

Musical Instruments – The developers seem excited by this suggestion and are asking what kind of instruments you would like to play. I wouldn't be surprised if this suggestion stirred from the recent release of Sky: Children of the Light. In thatgamecompany's latest hit game, you can play several instruments during your magical adventures.

Gliding Race Courses – Mini-games are a recurring subject, with fishing and hide-and-seek being discussed. Now the suggestion involves “gliding racing courses (“like auto racing), something that miHoYo is going to consider.

More Co-op teammates – Sign us up for this one. Who wouldn't want more friends to go in wonderful adventures? The request is duly noted by the dev team, but there are factors that have to be considered such as device performance. This may not be an issue for PC, but Genshin Impact is also in development for Android and iOS devices, so… However, don't expect Genshin Impact to turn into a fully-fledged MMORPG anytime soon, this isn't that game.

More Ways to Earn In-Game Money – Mora is Genshin Impact's in-game currency and players are – naturally – requesting more ways to earn it. Part-time jobs are suggested, and miHoYo says that it will try to unlock more interesting experiences in this regard.

Photo Mode Treasure Hunt – Last but not least, a clever suggestion that is certain to keep players entertained. Using the in-game photo mode, players would create a treasure hunt mini-game of sorts: one players hides a chest somewhere in the world and takes a photo of it that will serve as the clue for other players to find. “Cool idea” is what miHoYo had to say about this.

These sum up the latest Genshin Impact suggested features. Between Genshin Impact, Phantasy Star Online 2, Peria Chronicles and Blue Protocol, we should have a few great anime games to choose from. Which ones are your favorites? 

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