Genshin Impact Summer Skins leaked, costumes system coming

Genshin Impact Summer Skins

It's no surprise that miHoYo has a countless amount of content planned for their global hit Genshin Impact. Some of it was revealed even before the game launched in September 2020, such as the housing and costume systems. A few major updates later, we're yet to see our favorite gacha characters getting some cool distinct outfits. Allegedly, this may be coming soon to the game, as we've spotted the first Genshin Impact summer skins. These come from known leaker Project Celestia, who is usually right about this kind of thing and has managed to escape miHoYo's ban hammer, so to speak.

Genshin Impact Summer Skins | Costumes System Leak

Genshin Impact Summer Skins leak Barbara

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The leaker has revealed what is allegedly the two first ever Genshin Impact costumes, but you should take these with a grain of salt, as you probably know by now. The costumes are subject to change, as are the names, but what we have here is a very interesting way to spike your interest. For example, there is an alternate costume for Jean doing the rounds with her armpits showing, unlike the one that you can see below.

Starring Jean and Barbara, the cutest sisters in any anime open world RPG, these outfits are summer-themed, as you can see by the images nearby.  Jean's new skin is called Sea Breeze Dandelion, while Barbara's outfit is called Summertime Sparkle.

It's unclear how any player is able to obtain the Genshin Impact costumes, so we'll have to wait for official info. Still, the leaker has mentioned files named UI_Mall and UI_Costume, which could mean that some of the skins will be available to purchase from the in-game shop. Judging by what is seen in Honkai Impact 3rd, there should be free outfits as well further down the road, so it's reasonable to look forward to a mix of the two – free and paid costumes.

There's some hope that the Genshin Impact costume system comes with the version 1.6 update, something that isn't that far away. Judging by miHoYo's plan of releasing a major update every six weeks and with 1.5 having launched on April 28, we should get the next version around June 9, 2021.

Genshin Impact Summer Skins leak Jean

Finally, there's even a clever render of what is allegedly Barbara's summer costume. You can watch it below.

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