Genshin Impact Switch release announced with new Liyue land trailer

Genshin Impact Switch release

A Genshin Impact Switch release was just announced by miHoYo, makers of the eagerly anticipated online anime RPG. When this game was announced in June 2019, it made quite some noise due to its similarities with Nintendo's Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, it was all for the best, as it garnered a lot of attention and placed the creators of Honkai Impact 3rd under the spotlight.

Initially revealed for PC, Android, and iOS, a Genshin Impact PS4 release was revealed in August 2019. When we thought that this would be the end of the options for the open world online RPG, miHoYo has just announced a Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch release “in the future,” which we're expecting to be sometime during 2020.

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On top of that, a new Genshin Impact trailer was revealed. This time we're shown a new area called Liyue, south from the first region of Teyvat, Mondstadt. Here is the official description:

Head south from Mondstadt and you will arrive in a nation known as Liyue. The most prosperous merchant port in all of Teyvat — Liyue Harbor — sits facing the open ocean. Until this very day, the presence of the adepti can be noticed in the area, adepti which the people of Liyue believe to be lead by the Geo God, Rex Lapis.

Genshin Impact Switch Release Liyue Trailer

miHoYo seems to be quite pleased with the support that it is getting for Genshin Impact. So much so, that it has decided to design a commemorative Wind Glider skin called Wings of Companionship. Further details on these wings will be revealed in the future, but it is clear that they are meant for players to soar the skies of Teyvat.

In the meantime, we're still waiting for the second Genshin Impact beta. We have a feeling that it is going to happen in a month or two, but don't quote us until we get the official word from the devs.

Watch the Genshin Impact trailer announcing the new land Liyue below.


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