Get cooking with Cuisine Royale’s Italian Weeks update

Cuisine Royale Italian Weeks update

Mamma Mia! That is what you will probably say when you play the new Italian-themed Cuisine Royale update, Italian Weeks. This update is part of a new campaign titled The Seasons of Grande Cuisine, with the first one being devoted to Italy.

You have to earn special ingredients and utensils in battles and use these to cook unique “dishes” in the tradition of the cuisine of each nation. For this one we have a hundred Italian recipes, but it's not the usual pizza or pasta. You'll be cooking things such as fancy panties, stylish tights, Venetian masks, stencils and gravestones. You need to find ingredients such as “enemy tears” and the rare “reviews of a frightened critic” for your creations.

For more details on Italian Weeks you can visit the website, or watch the funny trailer below and ignore the offensive gesture that is around there somewhere. But you already know that Cuisine Royale is completely nuts, right?

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