Get Sundered Eldritch Edition and Headsnatchers free

Sundered and Headsnatchers free

If you're like us, staring at your 100+ Steam library of untouched games and still want something new to play, this is your chance. Here are a couple of free games that you can grab if you hurry up: Headsnatchers and Sundered Eldritch Edition.

Headsnatchers is available in the Humble Bundle Store until January 12, 2020. Yes, this is the same store that is going to publish the potentially awesome Pokémon clone Temtem on January 21, 2020, and occasionally offers the odd free game.

Headsnatchers is a party game where up to four players battle locally or online, snatching their rivals' heads. It's the kind of fun game where things can get hectic, and you can lose a few friends over the more heated matches.

The other game is Sundered Eldritch Edition and you can download it for free from the Epic Games Store until January 16, 2020. It is an hand-drawn and colorful Metroidvania game, a style that doesn't need any introductions. You run, you jump, you fight huge bosses with tons of platforms everywhere. It's another good game that you should hit whenever you get the chance, and its makers are now working on the charming adventure Spiritfarer.

The next game coming to the Epic Games Store is Horace. This is a pixel art platformer where a robot goes on a heartwarming adventure. You can get it starting January 16 until January 23.


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