Ghost in the Shell: First Assault overhaul adds new recruits and map

First Assault

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online, or that shooter with the longest name in the world, is about to get a huge Renewal update. Deploying tomorrow, July 18, the renewal update is going to bring three new operatives called Azuma (Assault Class), Sitara (Specialist Class) and Reiko (Infiltrator Class).

first assault new recruits

A new map is also appearing. Called Electronics Center, this is a network node where most of Japan’s network traffic is routed and the target of many cyber terrorist attacks. You'll have many open areas outside the center and inside the lobby, as well as close quarters combat rooms and hallways. This map supports Team Death Match and Demolition game modes.

There's also a new weapon, the MG33-A, a complete overhaul to the user interface, and plenty of gameplay and operative changes. Several characters and weapon skins were added. A new CGI trailer was released and you can watch it below. Now all that is missing is a campaign mode, something that many players are frequently requesting for First Assault Online.


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