Gigantic developers talk interface, tell us what is ahead

Gigantic moba game

With the closed beta weekend 2 coming on November 3 and communication clearly ramping up on the stunning action MOBA Gigantic, we just got to know some of the future plans from Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment.

The interface is one of the aspects that is getting more attention right now, with Motiga detailing what they are working on and what lies ahead. Coming soon is a new pre-match “Versus” loading screen showing all 10 heroes in the skins they've equipped, the two guardians who will be facing off on the battlefield, the map you’re about to jump into, and the individual loading progress of each player. Some tips will also be displayed so that new players learn more about the game.

Brief pre- and post-match cinematics are also in the works. The plan is to have short but sweet scenes showing off your guardian, your airship, and your team, giving you the opportunity to show off those sweet skin and weapon combos. The post-match rewards experience will be improved, with “better imagery, new audio events, cleaner progress when ranking-up your account and hero mastery, fortune card set completion rewards, actual hero models gettin' jiggy with it, and better/more relevant stats throughout.”

This is all coming soon, but there's more planned for the distant future, with work on the game lobby and an overhaul to the UI used to upgrade your skills throughout the course of a match.

Gigantic is getting closer to fulfilling its initial promises and we'll be holding a Gigantic close beta key giveaway soon, so there will be no excuse if you want to jump into the PC or Xbox One beta.


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