Gigantic has officially launched on Steam, Arc, Xbox One and Windows 10

Gigantic official launch

The Gigantic official launch is finally happening today, after a few years of work from Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment. This launch is for several different platforms, so it's very likely that you own at least one of them. Gigantic is available on Steam, Arc (Windows 7, 8…), Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One.

But that's not all. The Gigantic official launch comes with some new features, including the new hero Ramsay. He is a cunning melee fighter and has an arsenal of evasive moves, poison and a deadly whipblade. Ramsay is available for free for everyone who has a Founder's or Ultimate Pack. Motiga also worked on balance changes, added text chat and more. The team plans on introducing a new hero or new map with each major release.

Here are some of Gigantic's download links:


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