Gigantic’s new hero spotlight is rapid-fire mercenary Beckett

Beckett is one of the heroes featured in the action MOBA Gigantic and also the focus of the latest hero spotlight series. Motiga describes her (yes, it's a girl in case you had any doubts) as a rapid-fire mercenary with machine pistols and a single shot cannon which can be switched on the fly to adapt to each combat situation. Or as they say, it's either bang-bang-bang or boom!

She also has grenades to clear some parts of the arena, crack armor and also leave poisonous areas on the battlefield. A jetpack launches her high in the air for daring and effective entrances or cowardly escapes and she is also capable of summoning a cascade of missiles.

Not bad, Beckett, not bad at all. She has a few more tricks up her sleeve, so take a look at the spotlight video below. Gigantic enters open beta on December 8 on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.


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