You can glide and parkour in Dragon Raja in futuristic Tokyo

parkour in Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is a game of many faces, with several activities and side quests to keep you busy. You can race cars and play basketball, but you can also glide and parkour in Dragon Raja. You can do so in bucolic villages or in the neon-drenched Tokyo, where skyscrapers reach way high, and perhaps you can do so as well.

Parkour in Dragon Raja won't get your character hurt after a long fall. This is after all a story about teenagers who are dragon hybrids and have special powers that would make the X-Men jealous. While the game is beautiful from the ground, dashing to the rooftops will open up a new perspective on the city, especially Tokyo, which is so suited to this kind of activity.

Your super-powered character is able to run on walls, dash and glide to the highest buildings, and discover new and amazing sights. You may even stumble upon a few NPCs that are willing to test your parkour skills, in quests that only the most daring players will be able to beat.

The excitement surrounding Dragon Raja is huge, and after a successful launch in China, the global release is bound to become another hit. The Dragon Raja release date is February 2020, coming in English and other languages to Android and iOS devices.

Watch the Dragon Raja parkour video below.


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