Global Adventures is a globe-trotting Diablo meets Borderlands MMO

global adventures mmo

Suba Games has just officially announced a new game that is being described as a Diablo meets Borderlands isometric action MMORPG. However, we would dub it a third-person game instead, judging by the camera angle. The Global Adventures MMO is a free-to-play game for PC developed by China-based studio Pixel Soft, known for developing Zentia.

Global Adventures will feature five classes but for now only three were revealed: Shock Trooper, Demolitionist and Biotech. It's a great thing that the classes aren't gender-locked, so you can pick from male or female models. Customization is said to include skins, armor, costumes and more.

Publisher Suba Games makes two very interesting claims regarding Global Adventures. First and foremost, they announced over five hours of professionally-recorded voiceovers and cinematics, something that very few MMOs manage to do even after so many years. Second, they promise that this game won't be pay-to-win and that you can beat your friends purely based on your skill – money won't give you any advantages.

And now for some Global Adventures info on the story part. You will be a member of the Treasure Hunters Association (the T.H.A.) and will embark on a grand journey around the world. Starting with the Mayan ruins, you're going to unravel plenty of mysteries from World History and discover evil factions that want to take down the association. Some of the enemies are zombies, vampires, reincarnations of ancient gods and more. You will travel across different continents and visit places such as Cairo, Egypt, Paris, France, and Shanghai, China.

Gameplay in Global Adventures isn't just about shooting and looting. There are some distraction in the shape of different game styles. A top-down shooter and a side-scrolling submarine section are just a couple of examples. One final note for the option to play solo or go co-op with a few friends.

Suba Games is running a Global Adventures kickstarter campaign but the initial goal was very low and it's already overfunded by 500%. However, the extra money will go into making a better game, and an anime series is even under consideration. Judging by the delivery estimates on the Kickstart, it all points to a closed beta in September 2017, so it won't be long now.

You can check the Global Adventures MMO official site for more info, and a Global Adventures Steam page is already live.


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