Gloria Victis enters Steam early access on June 8

Black Eye Games have just announced the Steam early access release date for the low-fantasy MMORPG Gloria Victis – players will be able to buy early access beginning June 8, with a final release planned for the end of 2017.

Early acess will begin with a full wipe so everyone will be on even ground and the current account will have the option to be converted to a Steam one. As for the final release, the studio says that while it “will come with a free, content-limited trial with the possibility to eventually unlock the content through gameplay, owners of the Early Access will be granted full access to the entire content delivered in the final version, as well as numerous precious reward for purchasing the game during development.” What we get from this is that Gloria Victis is still free-to-play despite the use of the word ‘trial', but paying players will get the content easier.

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