Gloria Victis shows overhauled Mereley, makes other improvements

Black Eye Games has released a new Gloria Victis trailer showing the overhauled Mereley, a starter location of Ismirs, and we have to admit that it looks pretty amazing. You can watch the video for yourself below.

A major update went live today and this brings to Gloria Victis things such as an expansion of the reputation system, a reworked PVP looting system, as well as plenty of gameplay fixes and improvements. The reputation system now includes a new factor which affect the character’s fame, making the player’s actions even more meaningful, as well as a penalty for the public enemies of each nation: banishment with binding their characters to a respawn point in the wilderness.

Gloria Victis is expected to release on Steam within a few months and go into beta within the end of 2016. The official release is planned for 2017.


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