God of the Summer Storm Susano joins SMITE

Have you seen that weather, eh? Well, Susano, the powerful God of the Summer Storm is probably to blame for it. This is the latest god to join SMITE and he hails from the Japanese pantheon. He's known for his violent temper, has a penchant for destruction and doesn't quite get along with his sister, Amaterasu. He's now available on PC and coming soon to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of SMITE.

“Like his sister, Amaterasu, Susano was born to rule, but he was tempestuous, with a flaring anger, wicked tongue, and a penchant for destruction. Their father, Izanagi, would have none of it and decreed that Susano live in the Underworld. His mood dark at this news, Susano committed heinous acts of vandalism and murder. Acts that sent Amaterasu into shameful hiding.”

Here is Susano's god reveal trailer.

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