Goddess of the Moon Awilix arrives in SMITE

Another patch, another god, or better, goddess in SMITE. This time Hi-Rez offers us the Goddess of the Moon Awilix and her trusted pet Jaguar Suku, who embody the power of the night. Here is the official description of Awilix and her full rundown in the god reveal video below:

“As an Assassin, summoning Suku increases the movement speed of Awilix, but decreases her ability to strafe. Her Ultimate Ability Gravity Surge calls upon the power of the moon and immediately pulling down the closest enemy which is either Leaping or Knocked Up in the air, dealing damage to them when they land. Afterwards the goddess is bathed in moonlight, gaining bonus attack speed and physical power.”

We have a SMITE Awilix giveaway on FreeMMOStation.com, so head over there while it lasts!


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