Grab the awesome platformer Rayman Legends free from Epic Store

Rayman Legends free

If you like platformers and missed some gems along the way, this could be your chance to make amends. You can now get the spectacular Rayman Legends free from the Epic Games Store.

Released in 2013 to wide acclaim, Rayman Legends is one of the best cartoon platformers ever created starring a limbless hero that defies description. Well, it is one of the best platform games ever all-around, limbs or no limbs.

Rayman Legends features over 100 maps and even includes some musical levels. It's a wacky game in a long-running series and the last main entry. The latest Rayman game is Rayman Mini, an Apple Arcade exclusive that settles for the tired runner formula but turns out to be a great game on its own. It could surely show Super Mario Run a thing or two, that's for sure.

You can, and definitely should, grab Rayman Legends free from the Epic Games Store until December 6, 2019.


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