Grimm: Dark Legacy is a prequel F2P game based on the NBC show

GamesCo, the publisher of the recently released Titan Siege (watch our first look here) has just announced a new online multiplayer free-to-play game based on the NBC show Grimm. Titled Grimm: Dark Legacy, this game has a release pinned for mid-2016 is developed by Artplant, the Norwegian studio behind Battlestar Galactica Online and Block ‘N' Load.

Grimm: Dark Legacy takes place several hundreds years before the TV show’s contemporary setting, tasking players to survive as a Grimm ancestor in the Old World. The official description is very vague and all we can say so far is that there will be a bit of crafting and combat:

“Team up with other Grimms and explore a world filled with mystery and adventure. Utilize all of your Grimm skills and weapons to survive against the Wesen horde who will stop at nothing until the Grimm bloodline is finally severed.”

Third-person? Isometric perspective? All of that is still a mystery, but you can already sign up for the beta at the official website.

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