Guardians of Ember goes free-to-play, now in ‘open’ closed beta

Guardians of Ember goes free-to-play

Gameforge has just relaunched the action RPG Guardians of Ember as a free-to-play game, after purchasing the rights from Insel Games back in August 2018.

Guardians of Ember, or Embergarde in its original Taiwan release, is developed by Runes of Magic makers Runewaker. It entered Steam Early Access in the west in September 2016, but it ended up launching as a buy-to-play game, without much success. Now, Gameforge is switching to a free-to-play – or free to slay, as they said it – business model in the hopes of convincing a decent amount of players.

Guardians of Ember is currently in that rare kind of ‘open closed beta'. You can head over to the official website and hit the button to play the beta. After downloading the client and logging in, you should be all set!


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