Guardians of Ember publishing rights acquired by Gameforge

Guardians of Ember MMORPG Gameforge

Gameforge has acquired the publishing rights for Runewaker's MMORPG Guardians of Ember, originally known as Embergarde. This game was first published in the west by Insel Games, having entered Steam Early Access in September 2016. Oddly enough, it went buy-to-play, while the original Asian release was free-to-play.

Fast-forward about a couple of years and a nice little scandal involving the western publisher, and the rights for Guardians of Ember have just switched hands. This MMORPG will officially relaunch in North America and Europe later this year and it looks like existing players are able to migrate their accounts (characters and loot) to the new Gameforge version. Developer Runewaker is said to still be working on Guardians of Ember, and the recent Cathedral Abyss Update is proof of that.

While Gameforge is a publisher of free-to-play games and we strongly believe that Guardians of Ember will revert to its original free-to-play business model, the publisher of SoulWorker and Aion (in Europe) is yet to officially announce anything about the game. A return to Steam is also planned.

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